March 10, 2010

a little too early for Fall/Winter 2010 or is it? {Plutocracy Collection}

I'm aware that Spring/Summer hasn't officially arrived but when I got a sneak preview of the Fall/Winter 2010 collection from PLUTOCRACY I had to post. I'm in love with this collection, for its 1940's suit inspired looks with a modern twist. Behind the PLUTOCRACY label is Anitra Michelle, her inpsiration for Fall/Winter;
“When I started “Rising Revolt” I was inspired by those women who had to take their husbands’ places in the workforce during the 1940’s,” says Anitra Michelle. “When the men came home, these women were faced with who they had become and what they were expected to return to. Those who embraced their new roles were definitely fighting their own war. It was a revolt between what they were and what they were supposed to be. I don’t think much has changed in today’s age style-wise. Women are too often expected to look and dress in a way that is contrary to their true essence and this collection is both a means of self-expression and empowerment.” (plutocracy PR release)

PLUTOCRACY’s “Rising Revolt” Winter/Fall 2010 collection is available for purchase at select online boutiques and stores. (images: bellapr)


  1. It IS too early for Winter/Fall collections, spring has just begun!

    Wow check out those huge wide legs pants, they scream power suit to me haha

  2. just found your everything about beauty!!!!

    love it

  3. Definitely loving the belted dress. The bright yellow hat adds a very nice touch to the ensemble.


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