March 05, 2010

hecho in Colombia {accessories haul}

Colombia, not just for coffee lovers! Medellin, Colombia unbeknowest to me is a textile hub. Which also means I did quite a bit of shopping! One shopping mall in particular that I love is El Tesoro Parque Comercial, this mall is one of the nicest I've seen in the World. A few shops that I fell in love with were:
NafNaf (a French brand, no free-standing stores in Canada) I purchased a gorgeous pair of pleated tapered at the ankle jeans
Tennis (lots of great basic tee's & jeans)
Chevignon (another French company which is very popular in Colombia)
Touché (gorgeous swimwear)
GEF (denim, basics, clothing for the whole family)
And now onto my favourite purchases (I haven't included clothing or swimwear because it would be too many pics):
hand-made leather sandals by SergioTomani (these actually look much better on the feet)
purse by Limon Piel

Any favourite brands/stores that you love which you can't find in your hometown?


  1. I love your purchases! I need to check this out sometime! I love your taste in the finer things in life...xo

  2. Colombian Manufacturers are great. The leather handbags are very nice.


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