March 04, 2010

Keep it Simple {Dove Beauty Bar}

Sometimes the most simple is the best...and that means Dove beauty bar. Always on the hunt for body washes one item that is a staple in the bathroom is a bar of soap. Although I favor liquid soap (especially Dove Cream Oil shower wash) over bar soap due to the convenience of travelling with it bar soap is a household staple. In this case, Dove Beauty bar has been around for over 45 years, the folks at Dove must be doing something right! The Dove beauty bar won't dry out your skin nor leave a film, contains 1/4 moisturizing cream, pH neutral, and milder than ordinary soap. Best of all its inexpensive!
Who else uses Dove beauty bar? I actually know a few co-workers who use it as a facial cleanser, never tried on it on my face, just curious if any of you have?


  1. For a while, I was using the Dove sensitive skin soap as my facial cleanser (along with an antibacterial product). It worked pretty well - but smelled really bad!

    I haven't tried the original one in a long time - but I do like their baby washes - they smell gorgeous!

  2. I like the scent of the Dove White beauty bar. Their facial wipes are really good too!

  3. I have used it as love it as much as all my other Dove bars but i like to switch it up now and then... You cant go wrong with Dove Bars


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