March 18, 2010

ocean fresh {bellapella perfume oil}

One advantage of being a flight attendant is discovering new stores by happenstance. I could be in the smallest town in Canada and I will find a quaint boutique. Rarely do I ever stay couped up in my hotel room because I love going for walks and picture taking, one day I will start a travel blog to showcase all my beautiful pictures (so I'm no professional photographer and I own a crappy camera but pictures do tell a story). Before I get off topic! On these walks, I really should leave the wallet back in my hotel room, I always seem to find great beauty products. This time it happened in Montreal, Canada at a bath and body store called Bella Pella. Here's an excerpt from their site.
A few years ago, a small, innovative team committed itself to the creation of fresh, handmade food products for the skin. Thus marked the birth of Bella Pella.
Infusing aromatherapy, culinary expertise, scientific research and some Italian traditions- the four keys in bringing you high quality personal care products.
Hand-crafted with care, Bella Pella uses many natural ingredients, pure essential oils, and high quality fragrances to produce our medley of soaps, shower gels, shampoos, lotions, and Bain Champenois. Used on a regular basis our aromatic products will nourish your skin and stimulate your senses like no other.
Although Bella Pella was located in an underground mall the store itself felt homely and the staff member who helped me was extremely friendly without the pushy sales pitch. Oh and the products! Everything smelled so good...they even carry skincare that I regret not buying but I just couldn't fathom more skincare when I still have alot at home. I told myself ONLY one item....and one item I found, Le grand Bleu Perfume Oil perfect for work as its very subtle and I don't like to wear or carry my existing perfume bottles. Le grand Bleu Perfume Oil comes in a little frosted-glass roll-on bottle which fits in my uniform's blazer pocket. And smells divine, like you just stepped out of the shower! Literally like ocean (minus the fishy smell) with a mix of Ylang Ylang essential oil. Unfortunately, Bella Pella stores are only located in Montreal but you can buy online too, minus the scent! (note: I didn't see the perfume oils online)
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  1. oooh nice! I love this kind of stores, like lush... you smell it from miles away!
    Have a great weekend

  2. Thank you so much for bringing up this.I wanted to try to make my own perfume that can easily customize the scent and make my own signature. Anyway, creating a perfume is not a simple matter so I need a lot of knowledge.


  3. Great Blog! I just found you on a quest for this scent years ago at Bella Pella! I love it, it's like a nice clean scent, soapy not floral.

    My bottle is so old that the label wore off, and I was not sure of the name... thanks for jogging my memory. I emailed Bella Pella to see if they still sell it, I'm crossing my fingers in hope that they have it and will ship it to the states!

  4. Glad you found the scents name!!! Smells so fresh! And thank you for visiting:)


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