March 20, 2010

Nuts over nuNAAT {haircare review}

In the past I've complained about having dry and damaged hair, mainly because I love highlights. I've also recently toned down the highlights and now have a chestnut/reddish all-over shade, which also means that nourishing my hair is a must. Since I often travel to Brazil for work, one beauty item I notice alot is haircare, there are endless haircare supply stores in Sao Paulo and I never know which brand to try. Coincidently, I was asked to try haircare products by Brazilian beauty care company  nuNAAT. Formulated with keratin which aids in restoring dry and damaged hair I was definitely a candidate! In my kit I received:
Karite Creamy Shampoo-Formulated with Shea butter, one of the richest emollients available, the Karite Creamy Shampoo gently cleanses while restoring shine and silkiness to dry and damaged hair. Price $6.49 US
Karite Intensive Mask -Penetrates deep into the hair shaft to nourish and provide a layer of protection from further damaged caused by extensive styling or UV rays. For best results, use weekly by massaging a generous portion into your hair and leaving on for 20 minutes before rinsing. Price $6.99 US
Karite Anti-Frizz- With its irresistible fragrance, Karite Anti-frizz is a heat-activated, leave-in product for all hair types that helps keep your hair soft while preventing frizz throughout the day. Price $7.49 US
I loved that the products contain shea butter, didn't weigh my hair down, no greasy feeling (not even with the leave-in Karite Anti-frizz) and hair smelled so good.  Hair does look healthier and shiny. Now I'm tempted to try their Chocolate Special line, numerous times in Brazil I saw haircare products formulated with chocolate but just thought of them being a marketing tool, I didn't realize that chocolate was good for dry hair too. On the wishlist:) You can order online or enter your zipcode to find locations near you.
(image: disclaimer: although products were sent gratis no compensation was received to review positive or negative. Review is based on my own personal experience and no commission is made based on sales of the above forementioned.



  1. I HAVE to try this! Sounds perfect for my hair needs!

  2. this is very interesting. i need to see if i can find this brand here.

  3. these products sound lovely. but does the shampoo contain sls?


  4. Hi Dani, yes it does have SLS.


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