March 01, 2010

top picks for the month of February

Although I kept my beauty routine simple (in my terms) for the month of February I still managed to come up with my favourite beauty products of the month. So not much was used and instead the focus was on the skin, no eye products (except for the eye cream I purchased in Colombia), makeup was kept to a minimum.
Olay ProX Restorative Cream Cleanser (amazing cleanser, very gentle, does not strip skin, and did I mention AMAZING)
an old fave Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture in Medium (light tinted moisturizer that feels like your wearing nothing on your skin)
Marcelle Vita-Lip Plumping Gloss in Nude (great gloss with a hint of colour)
LUSH Yummy Yummy Yummy body wash (as the title suggests Yummy but not for your Tummy)
Vasanti Cosmetics blush in Swiss Alps (a great blush to get that flushed look)
a classic fave Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream (I've mentioned this alot before, just get it!)
NARS Multiple in Portofino (awesome shade & cream texture for a natural "no-makeup look")
What were your beauty faves for February?


  1. That NARS multiple looks gorgeous! Do you use a stippling brush to apply it - or just your fingers?

    My beauty faves for february...hmmm...would have to be the Burts Bees Radiance face wash I've been using (smells lovely!) and my new Sephora braided hairband (pic on my blog of it) :-)

  2. left you some sweet verbage on my blog!

  3. Have to try the Dermalogica Tinted Moisturizer!

  4. Feb Faves have been Chanel cake liner in Noir Lamé, Fresh Soy Face Cream and purple nail polish of any kind!

  5. Hello,
    EllaPretty-I just use my fingers. Yes, the Burts bees Radiance is good & gentle:)
    Party Box Design-Thanks Doll!
    And thanks for the other comments ladies:)

  6. The Liz Arden cream smells so strongly that I haven't really used my tub's sitting in my bathroom USELESS. What do you apply it to? Doesn't the petrol smell bother you?

  7. I've never seen it in a tub? Hmmm... Anyhow, it does smell herbal to me & my boyfriend can't stand the smell but I normally use it on flights & on my lips prior to bedtime.


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