April 08, 2010

down to basics {Jessica Simpson}

No makeup, No retouching and No regrets! Jessica Simpson graces the May 2010 cover of Marie Claire magazine au naturel (almost). Promoting her new VH1 reality documentary series, Price of Beauty. Where Simpson travels around the world discovering other cultural ideals of beauty. Going bare-faced is a great marketing tool on Simpson's part in bringing attention to her new show, and I like it! For a star who has garnered such harsh criticism in the past for wearing "mom jeans", c'mon people just 'cause she gained a few pounds, its fantastic to see her take the challenge with this Marie Claire cover.

I don't have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business. -Jessica Simpson

(images: marieclaire.com)



  1. i love where they're going with this, but she's clearly wearing makeup. but that's just me. mind you, it looks like minimal makeup, but makeup nonetheless.

    still, she looks beautiful and healthy. good for her!


  2. might be wearing something minimal (fair enough, who doesn't?) but looks great, good for her!

  3. I think this is a big fat FAIL. She travels the world in search of REAL beauty, yet a person that accompanies her is her personal hairstylist/make-up artist. She looks so done up in every shot, makes you question the "realness" of this quest. Plus, those photos do not look like there's been NO make-up. Disservice to real women everywhere...in my humble opinion...Sorry for tha rant, Mon :)


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