April 09, 2010

Click! {Revlon PhotoReady Makeup review}

One of the newest foundations to hit your drugstore shelves is Revlon's Photo Ready Makeup. I've been wanting to try this foundation and finally bought it last week. Firstly, I had a hard time choosing a shade because most drugstores don't offer testers. I settled on 004 Nude and although its not an exact match, its a bit peachy, I can make it work. After reading mixed reviews on the net I'll admit its not my favourite drugstore foundation however its not the worst either. Basically, if you could only afford one foundation your better off with Revlon Color Stay (very good) but if you already own an army of foundations (like me) its an OK option.
  • oil-free
  • SPF20
  • fragrance-free
  • matte-finish but not cakey, due to the formula being a tad shimmery
  • light-medium coverage
  • feels like I'm not wearing any foundation
Contrary to other reviews there is shimmer but not in an Edward Cullen glistening way, perhaps in my shade not as detectable!
  • if your skin is flakey, has acne scars, or dry forget it! This foundation will only accentuate it.
  • price, I'd prefer spending a bit more for a mid-priced foundation
  • edit: just saw this cheaper (& not on sale) for $5 cheaper than what I paid so the price is very reasonable
  • not long-lasting, tends to fade by the end of the day
not my favourite foundation for photos, unlike the title suggests.
Overall, the pros vs cons argument wins & I might purchase again if on sale but would get a different shade.
Anyone else try Revlon Photo Ready foundation? Thoughts?
(image: revlon.com)


  1. I just bought myself a bottle last weekend and I agree, it's not the best but it's not bad either. I picked up shell #3 and the shade fits well! More neutral than pink or too warm. Gonna keep playing with it. I do appreciate the technology of it!

  2. I was thinking that this is really an awesome thing for my skin, but I think this will not be a perfect match for me :( Thank you for sharing this post :)

  3. I really love it and I'm picky. I can't compare with other drugstore brand, because, I always buy department store fondation. I'm really surprise with the quality.
    I use the Laura Mercier primer before putting the fondation on for better stay, so no problem for me. YI: I have normal to dry skin.


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