April 06, 2010

Get your Gliss On {Glissandra™ 3-Step Skincare review}

What's the best compliment one can receive? Wow, you've got great skin! Although lately I've been feeling exhausted (and currently with a cold) I didn't think much of the way my skin looked. However, those around me sure noticed, "your skin looks great!". Explanation Glissandra, a 3-step anti-aging skincare system which I've been using for a good two months. Glissandra skincare was developed with more than 17 years of research, made from the antioxidant rich Schisandra berry, this system definitely helped with my dehydrated skin. I've complained in the past that my skin tends to be dehydrated, blame it on my flight attendant job, thus Glissandra has been my companion on all my flights lately.
What I love about the products;
-non-greasy, light feel, skin is hydrated, gentle-no irritation, hypoallergenic, lines look softer around the eyes (really the only place I can say I have "laugh lines"), product will last because all you need is a little & its packed with great ingredients
What I didn't love but not a biggie:
-has a scent which kind of reminds me of beeswax candles (not an artificial smell more like an all natural fragrance but with usage I hardly notice it now)
-no separate SPF, would like a day cream with sun protection
-depending on your budget can be pricey
Overall, after hearing such great compliments on my skin I will definitely continue to use these products and I'm just so happy that my skin looks healthy and radiant.
Also, Glissandra is having a Mother's Day offer, Buy the Serum and Face Cream get the Eye Cream free! For more info on that offer click here. There's also a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
For more info & to purchase check out Glissandra.com
(image: glissandra.com)
Disclaimer: no financial compensation was paid to review above products, review based on my own experience, products were generously offered but not influenced in review outcome


  1. I'm always looking for a skin care cream that works since my work is pretty stressful. I'll definitely try it out! xoxoxoxxo

  2. Every blog entry I read, I want to try that product! There's too many to choose from Monica!! I'm still waiting to hear some final thoughts on the SK-II essence serum. I'l be in Japan-land next month and was thinking of picking up a few products.

    Thanks, michelle

  3. Gosh, your blog is so informative! Awesome. I may have to book mark for beauty advice! :-)



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