April 07, 2010

Let's get down to business {Jan Marini BioGlycolic Cleanser review}

This plain clinical looking bottle might just what your skin needs. Jan Marini BioGlycolic Facial Cleanser, if you have clogged pores, blackheads, or/and you want smooth skin this cleanser in combination with other beneficial products (i.e BHA's, etc...) might be that extra push your skincare regime needs. None of your moisturizers, serums, or other skincare items are going to work no matter how expensive they are if your pores are full of gunk. I'm not going to lie here I actually experienced purging (nothing too bad) but I had expected a bit since other reviews on the net had mentioned this. I've been wanting to try this cleanser after reading reviews on makeupalley.com (where 87% of reviewers would purchase again). This is not your typical cleanser;
  • soap-free
  • non-foaming
  • apply to dry skin & rinse
  • contains 12% glycolic acid with a PH balance of 3.2 (non-irritating)
I've been using this as my morning cleanser as I wouldn't consider it to be my main makeup remover cleanser, think of it more as a treatment product. Would definitely purchase this product & can't wait to try other Jan Marini Skincare items in the future. Retail price $29 US
Where to buy:
in Canada jmsrcanada.com
in the US myJanMarini.com

Who else has heard of or tried Jan Marini skincare products?
disclaimer: read bottom of blog (do I even have to post this readers, you know where I stand:)

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  1. No i havent not sure if its available in Australia? Sounds like a good product though xx


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