April 13, 2010

get your own Beauty Fix

What could be better than inputting your skincare needs and getting personalized product matches! BeautyFix does all the work for you with the help of their panel of beauty experts, favourite seasonal products are matched to your profile, and there's other member benefits too. Basically, as a beautyfix member each season you choose 8 products from the pre- selected product page for a low price receive the full size products with free shipping.
If your planning on joining I have a promo code (not linked to my account) that entitles you to $30 off of $49.99, which means that all of the above would come out to $19.99+ free shipping. Use code BFIX1
edit: seems to be working only for US destinations, sorry for all other international mailing address' including Canada.
Anyone else heard of beautyfix.com? Or do you know of any other beauty memberships similar to this one?
(disclaimer: no financial compensation was paid for this post nor am I affliated with such website)


  1. Wow! I've never heard of it before! It's too good to be true almost! I'm joining asap! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I shall be checking this out! Sounds perfect! Thank you!

  3. Monica, did you mean the free shipping is for Canada? I heard of Beauty Fix before but they only shipped to the US at the time.

  4. Hi Halifax,
    I did have to pay duty (about $11).

  5. I definitely need to go check that site out, thanks!

  6. Hi Monica, I just tried to register but when it's the moment to choose the state, there's no option to select my province. How did you do it?
    I tried to see if it's open to Canada but no place in the website mention where beautyfix ship. And I also tried to call them but it's close.

  7. I'll get back to you I'm looking into it!

  8. Hi Monica, I received you email, try again, not working (thank you). Finally, I call Beautyfix and the representative said that the offer is not valid in Canada at the moment (unless I have an address in the US where they can ship). She also said that beautyfix could be available in the near future in Canada...

  9. That's no good! A PR rep emailed me about them & I remember when I ordered I had a problem too with inputting the shipping country but I don't remember what I did to fix it. But since you spoke to them I guess perhaps because I'm a blogger they made the exception. Sorry to hear!


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