April 10, 2010

a box full of Spring {LUSH}

When I received my latest LUSH treats I couldn't help but smile because it was an overcast rainy day here in Toronto and this box was like opening a box full of Spring. And although Easter has passed I thought I'd share this picture of my Spring treats with you!
Inside the box (clockwise from top);
Dorothy Bubble Bar-smells so good, ylang & figs!
Hippy Chick bath bomb- grapefruit fresh, bergamot & frankincense!
Fluffy Egg bath bomb-marshmallow, candy floss, and jelly bean sweetness!
These are all limited-edition & you might be able to find them in-stores if you rush over to LUSH. Travel tip: I love carrying the bath bombs in my luggage as fresheners, my clothes stay smelling clean!


  1. love Lush!
    and thanks for reminding me that I have several bath bombs that I have to use! :)

  2. Hi Monica,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog ;) I'll have to follow yours because it seems very fun!

  3. I need to try Lush products! I don't have any! Those bath bombs sound luxurious :)

  4. i've got dorothy and fluff egg too! i'm saving mine though :p


  5. How lovely!! They would smell divine! XX

  6. You are so lucky you don't have to brave the store! The smell is so overpowering, but i do love me some bath bombs!! And these shapes and designs are the cutest


  7. Loving your lush loot! Seeing it has reminded me that I seriously need to go get some more bath bombs!



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