May 16, 2010

dear Chris... {Christian Louboutin}

Dear Chris,
Just in case your reading this post (insert a BIG yeah right...) I would love any of the following heels.
Love you,

Now back to I have four weddings to attend this year of which one I'm the maid of honour. Two involve me catching a flight overseas, crossing my fingers for no ash cloud, of the two overseas the wedding in October is the one of which I'm the maid of honour. To my surprise I've already purchased the maid of honour dress. Early I know but the bride let me pick which ever style and colour I liked so I lucked out and found the perfect dress at BCBG Max Azria on sale. Score! Now I just need to find the perfect shoes.
If I was the bride I would love any of these Christian Louboutin heels, except for the mid-heel on the bottom left, those would be perfect for the maid of honour dress, they're the perfect height to wear all day. As for the day I become a bride, forget comfort, I love the higher heels especially the first two. A girl could dream....


  1. Im a big fan of the mid heel to be honest, if i was to get married tomorrow these would be my shoes :)

  2. arghh.what a pretty shoes!


  3. OMG! Such LOVELY shoes<3

    Love, love, love!

    Great blog you have by the way.


  4. OMG! Such LOVELY shoes<3

    Love, love, love!

    Great blog by the way:)



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