May 16, 2010

No Strips Required! {Pure Smile Teeth Whitening Pen review}

Forget teeth whitening strips which can get messy and come with alot of extra packaging. Pure Smile Teeth Whitening Pen is an easy to use pen which only takes 60 seconds twice a day and whitens your teeth up to 1-3 shades brighter. The pen lasts about 30 applications! The best part is that its an all-natural product, gentle and effective. I noticed an improvement after a week. Teeth whitening can't get any easier!
Retails for about $50 cdn & available at


  1. I've always wondered about this! Thanks for the review! I LOVE white teeth ;)

  2. Is this a product that masks/covers teeth with a white film just to get your smile looking awesome fast, or is it intended to health-ify and whiten your teeth naturally. I checked out the product website, but that didn't part didn't seem to clear to me :)

    Either way, I love hearing about advances/new products like this. Keep rockin' :)

  3. No white film...bleaches teeth.

  4. I love these pens, the best one I've found is from Pearl teeth whitening spa. 60 min before I'm going out and my teeth feel so smooth and look bright and shiny all night!


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