July 23, 2010

Makeup with benefits {LUSH Cosmetics}

A tinted moisturizer made with soya and bran oil, yup, it does exist and LUSH has created it. LUSH has created LUSH Colour Supplements, a customized tinted base that you mix with your favourite facial moisturizer. On their own they can also be used as an under-eye concealer or dabbed on blemishes. I actually find it fun to mix up the Colour Supplements, you can also use a darker shade as a contour colour (TIP, best to use a foundation or stippling brush for contour or for a flawless finish use brush to apply your customized tinted moisturizer). Easy to use, develop the coverage you want, and no mineral oils in the Colour Supplements.
Charlotte Matheson, LUSH make-up artist, suggests using foundations formulated with vegetable oil and not mineral oil, “The new Colour Supplements are made with soya oil and bran oil which are light and fine vegetable oils that will carry the pigment into the skin without congesting it in any way. They also have a fresh rose petal infusion base, which soothes and softens the skin.” (LUSH.com)
Four shades to choose from:
Light Pink lightest shade for fair of face and rosy of the cheek complexions. This is good for all-purpose colour.
Light Yellow A natural rose petal base in a paler shade to match ivory skin tones (with a slight yellow undertone). It is helpful to cancel out uneven redness in skin.
Dark Yellow A natural rose petal base with a deeper shade for olive as well as light Asian skinned beauties.
Dark Pink darkest colour for those with dark skin or for anyone with a tan – it has a very deep red undertone.
For reference: I use the Light Yellow as concealer, Light Pink as an eye lid base for eyeshadow, and Dark Yellow as my base. The LUSH Colour Supplements will give a light coverage, great for everyday not be used as a full-coverage foundation. Think of it as a healthy looking skin tint for your face, a sheer tinted moisturizer, perfect for these hot, humid Summer days.
For more info visit LUSH or in-store, retail price for the Colour Supplements $13.95 cdn
(disclaimer: non-paid review & no further financial compensation will be received)


  1. oh wow! They actually make this? Gotta try to get my hands on these babies... wonder if they are expensive though


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