July 22, 2010

Relax put on a couple of eye pads {Reviva Labs Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit review}

Browsing my local health food stores the brand Reviva Labs had always stood out but I never tried it because I've never heard or read any reviews. However, the opportunity to try out the Reviva Labs Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit came up and since I'd never used a product similar I decided to give it a go...these eye pads get my seal of approval! There's no promises of permanently erasing your eye wrinkles, removing puffiness, or dark circles but the two latter factors are dramatically reduced. As for wrinkles, thankfully I don't have deep eye wrinkles (yet, I'm only in my early 30's) so I can't properly review however I noticed immediately my eye area felt and looked much more relaxed, like after a vacation! In my line of work, flight attendant, I don't always get adequate beauty sleep thus any help I can get to look more relaxed is welcomed. So, how does this product work?
-100% pure freeze dried Collagen-Fibre eye pads (infused with Myoxinol, hibiscus flower extract which relaxes facial wrinkles) are placed under eyes.
-under eye area is pre-moistened with the Skin Energizing Gel (which I like to use on its own too)
-the Collagen Pads are moistened with water
-leave on for 15-20 minutes & throw out
That's me sans makeup with the eye pads on! Go figure I finally post a pic of me & all you see is my eye(s)...
Leave on for 15-20 minutes

As you can see in the pic I do have dark circles but its actually an improvement, the puffiness is reduced. The kit comes with 4 sets of two eye pads of which I'm already finished so I'm going to purchase more as I love this product.

For more info & where to purchase visit Reviva Labs

Have any of you heard about Reviva Labs? How about similar eye pad products? Do share.

(Images: revivalabs.com Disclaimer: although product was received for review no financial compensation will be received, review is based on my personal experience & not influenced to review favourably)



  1. Your eyes are beautiful Mon! Such a pretty color!

  2. *blushing* thanks Nelia! When I did LASIK/PRK my BF said "Oh no! The Doc changed your eye colour..." & I couldn't open my eyes for days as I was sensitive to light needless to say I didn't believe him. LOL!

  3. I tried these and they burnt under my eyes really bad.


  4. Fashion meets Food-Oh No!! Was it the same brand? Maybe your alergic to the gel? All I know is that my under eye area feels amazing afterwards, love using them after a long shift at work.


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