August 21, 2010

Beach Head (mini-reviews)

Panama Hat
Wearing a hat is a must at the beach, stay & look cool!

Hawaiian Tropic Mango After Sun Crème Lotion
Last minute purchase, perfect for after a day at the beach. Thick cream lotion, leaves skin hydrated & lightly scented.

dermaglow 70 SPF Cream
Best secret to prevent wrinkles...sunscreen!  Light hydrating lotion, at the beach frequent application is essential.

Sebastian Potion 9 Treatment
An oldie but a must of mine. This product work best when applied to wet hair, tie hair back in a loose bun & let air dry. Your hair will dry without any frizz.

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion SPF 30
Another last minute purchase, this is extremely thick lotion. Spread! Spread! Spread! Like your spreading peanut butter, hydrates skin really well, nice scent, and its waterproof! Love this stuff! Also, my skin is a medium/yellow-based tone & I tan naturally very easy. For lighter skin use a higher SPF.

Klorane No-Rinse Care with Papyrus Milk
Light, mint green hair lotion. Smells fresh & leaves hair lightly moisturized. Since my hair is so dry from the beach I used alot of this products, atleast 3 pumps to get results. Again a good leave-in if your air drying your hair in a loose bun. Hair is left natural to the touch.

Brocato Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Shampoo
I've used this before in the past (which I liked) but I think my beach hair was just to much of a challenge for this shampoo. Didn't hydrate enough as I needed. Grant it that I would wash my hair everyday to get the salt water out & normally I wash my hair every two days. Thus, it was a true challenge! Hair was left clean but frizzy.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Sun Guardian UV Protection Conditioning Spray
Received this product with a magazine purchased in Europe (gotta love buying EU mags as they always come with a gift). But this product was a disappointment, actually think it left my hair drier & weighed it down. Hair was left lifeless, frizzy & dry.

Shiseido Tsubaki Head Spa Massage Spa Mask with Essential Oil
My saviour! An essential hair mask for extremely dry hair (don't use if your hair is oily, normal, fine) this is really thick stuff. Only use in extreme conditions (like me), a little goes along way.

On a recent beach getaway to Cancun my boyfriend turned to me at the beach and said, "babe, your hair looks like a know the old-fashion hay brooms." Gotta love the boyfriend for being honest! I however was defeated...My hair is the kind that has to have a leave-in product in order for it to dry frizz-free. Thankfully I brought an army of hair products to combat the problem. Not all worked well but atleast by the end of the vacation the broom was now a gorgeous frizz-free mop.
What are your beach getaway must-have beauty products?


  1. I have used the sheer touch lotion before and I love the smell.

  2. Hi Monica!
    Catching up on the fabulousness here:)
    I ate this post up! Thanks for your honest reviews on these products. I live in the sun in the summer, so this was so helpful:)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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