August 18, 2010

What do you have in your hair? {travels}

When I travel I always like to check out the body/skincare aisle at the local grocery stores or pharmacies, you never know what you'll find. Recent find in Mexico, Snot Gorilla Gel, what you've always wanted for you hair! Oddly, enough (mega hold in red) product was almost sold out, I'll never know maybe it's actually really good.
If you have pictures of oddly named beauty products email me the pics with location taken & if necessary a translation. I'd love to post them!


  1. Ewww - that looks pretty gross! Guess it would appeal a lot to pre-teen boys LOL!

  2. Hahaha! That's so bizarre and...yuck. I'm sure I've seen some oddly named beauty products before, but definitely not odd enough to top that!

  3. Very "There's Something About Mary". Lol.

  4. Soy Mexicana y ese "moco de gorila" se vende muchisimo en el pais es buenisimo! saludos i love your blog!!!

  5. grossssss! but interesting indeed!


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