August 06, 2010

funny Girl {Jennifer Aniston}

It still amazes me how makeup and hair can transform a person and this is the case with Jennifer Aniston as she transforms into Barbara Streisand for Harper's Bazaar September'10 issue. Aniston is starring opposite Jason Bateman in an upcoming comedy The Switch, she also has several other comedies out this year. On being a funny girl: “People laugh at me. Sometimes I know why, and sometimes I don’t. But I can pretty much find humor in anything. That is a necessary part of life. I don’t want to say laughter is healing, because it sounds corny, but it’s a release.” On looking up to Streisand, “Barbra inspires me because there isn’t anything she hasn’t done that she wanted to do, especially as a female in the time when her generation was prime. She’s a true renais­sance woman. . . I had a long conversation with Barbra about directing because I directed a short a couple years ago, and if I don’t do it again soon, I’m going to burst out of my skin. And we also love interior design."
On being in the spotlight: “[Barbra and I] are people who have been put in the spotlight, for better or for worse, and you just keep riding, and you keep overcoming.”
Photo credit: Mark Seliger for Harper's Bazaar.


  1. Wow. Stunning.

    I can't say I'm an Aniston fan, but she is working it.

    I do, however, think it's time for a new 'do. The beachy blond thing is getting old - she looks amazing channeling Babs.

  2. That is uncanny! Makeup can do wonders....
    What stunning photos!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. She looks positively stunning on the cover. The mag's styling team did a great job- she really looks like Barbra!

  4. wow she looks great! I love jennifer anniston!

  5. Oh wow, I didn't know about this shoot. She looks so like Babs, fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this one!

    P.S. You don't have to feel silly if you want to post the Louis Vuitton pictures, too! I've actually been seeing them on a lot of blogs, and I definitely wasn't the first. ;)


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