August 05, 2010

July top beauty picks

Dermalogica - Sheer Tint Moisture SPF 15 Medium
One of my tinted moisturizer staples, doesn't clog pores, light-weight, doesn't leave your face looking like an oil spill. Minimal coverage thus perfect for everyday especially for work when I don't like to wear alot of makeup.

Citrus Facial Scrub - Burt's Bees
Just recently discovered this scrub after reading a few raves on youtube & other beauty blogs. Love the texture of this scrub, can feel a bit oily on your skin while your scrubbing away but this definitely doesn't dry-out your skin and doesn't feel scratchy or harsh.

Degree Nature Effects
Great deodorant, smells fresh! Comes in three scents, I like two of the scents minus the Orange Flower one. Although it states nature in the title don't confuse it for completely natural as this deodorant does contain aluminum zirconium.

Nivea visage oxygen power reviving cleansing gel Normal/ Combination
I raved about this cleanser in July when I purchased this cleanser while in Portugal. Gentle, non-drying, suds nicely, doesn't strip your facial oils, and smells nice too! Will purchase again in the future.

i need damage control - myfaceworks
I've raved about cloth masks in the past & normally buy cloth masks in Asia but not everyone as the luxury of travelling all the time so cloth masks like MyFaceWorks can now be found online. And as one of my readers told me at Walmart too (but not this brand). These are more like luxury for the face!

Elizabeth Grant :: The Socializer :: The Socializer
I'm a sucker for vintage-inspired packaging & love these two eye creams. Packaging aside these two click-style pens are great for travel and are light-weight, feel soothing to the under eye area, and a little product lasts along time.

Tease Nail Polish, Mauve | Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics TFF and DBP Free
Love this shade of nail polish, Tease, from cheekymonkey. Part of the Spring 2010 line, in real life more pastel lilac than in the pic.

What were your beauty favourites for the month of July?


  1. I always love these posts, they're so informative! I definitely will have to check out the Nivea cleanser especially. :)

  2. I keep meaning to do my July faves - my holiday last month showed me which of my make-up products worked the best - my ELF gel eyeliner and L'Oreal collagen mascara lasted through swims and hot, humid days!

    Also - I finally found a sunscreen that didn't leave my face feeling itchy. My facialist recommended it - the brand is DCP - and it is a non-chalky physical sunscreen. Will do a review on it soon.

  3. I need a new face wash...maybe willl try that Nivea one :) if it's avail in the US!

  4. great post, i'll have to check some of these favorites out...i just blogged about my favorites too! always on the lookout for new things to add to the arsenal, lol. product junky through and through


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