September 07, 2010

Back to School Beauty

Nina Ricci - Le Paradis De Nina Eau De Toilette Spray
This new Nina Ricci perfume is not exactly budget friendly however a nice smelling fragrance always is in style & will last a long time. I also thought the apple shape was perfect for this school post!

PEACH blush by NYX
NYX is inexpensive makeup that is amazing, especially this universal peach shade. Their lipglosses are good too!

Rimmel : Eyes : Sexy Curves Mascara
You all know I love my Rimmer Sexy Curves & CoverGirl LashBlast mascara.

Rimmel : Face : Natural Bronzer
A great inexpensive bronzer that will last you forever and you won`t look like a pumpkin.

Annabelle - Volumelip Lip Plumping Gloss - Sweet Tweet
Great lipgloss that budget friendly! Check out Annabelle eyeshadows, great dupes for MAC cosmetics.

Annabelle - Mineral Powder Foundation - Barely Beige
Forget heavy liquid foundation (unless you have a great tinted moisturizer), keep skin looking fresh & natural. Mineral powder makeup will keep shiny skin looking semi-matte but glowy.
A natural flush is better than looking like a clown at lecture hall.

Back to school doesn't mean break the bank, text books already cost a fortune therefore makeup shouldn't. Yes, I do love my beauty splurge products but sometimes a girl has to compromise and I remember how expensive university was and can`t fathom how much its gone up since a few years back. Best advice; if you don't have disposable income to spend on cosmetics invest in skincare. There is nothing worse than seeing a young woman with layers of foundation on covering bad skin. Not only is it not helping your skin issue but making matters worse, my motto is K.I.S.S; Keep It Simple Sister. Honestly, your skin will get better. Although, I never suffered from any major skin issues we always think our skin is worse than it is, we are our worst critic. Its not that bad! And embrace your skin while your young. 
Have a great school year!


  1. Great post and I totally agree about investing in skin care. The worst thing to see is layers and layers of foundation! Great back2school choices - I especially love the Joe Fresh Cheek tint. I need to check out the Nina Ricci perfume - love the bottles!

  2. Excellent choices, darling!


  3. I actually ordered that exact NYX peach blush in my last cherry culture haul, still waiting on it.

    I've been lemming that annabelle gloss, saw it at SDM a few times, but hesitated to buy it because of the weird applicator, you just squeeze the product out right?

  4. Justine-yes, its just a squeeze type applicator.


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