September 03, 2010

end of Summer...almost

Summer is almost at an end, this weekend is the last for community outdoor pools to stay open, alas looks like the season is coming to a close. Which also means that Autumn is around the corner, my favourite season for fashion and I admit I like crisp Fall days. As much as I like lazy hot Summer nights, the cool breeze on a Fall day holding a hot latte in hand is bliss! I bid adieu to Summer...ok so there are a few more weeks left... but goodbye to humid bad hair days, as my best hair days are actually in the Fall. But before I say goodbye, this Labour Day Weekend will include a barbeque and a trip to the CNE (an amusement/entertainment fair in downtown Toronto).
Have a great Weekend!
(Photo by Steven Klein for WMagazine)


  1. aww I saw the CNE on my way in and out of toronto everyday.. it looks like so much fun!

  2. YAY! Fall is my favourite season too!!! I'm going to CNE tmr! Enjoy yourself there! I heard there is deep fried butter? O_O

  3. Enjoy the last few weeks!!! Kellie xx


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