November 21, 2010

Happy Sunday {Coffee & Madebygirl print}

Have a happy Sunday! Being a great latte lover I will be at my favorite local cafe drinking my favorite hot drink (with my latin boy). Catch up on past posts (lots to read) + my blog will be turning 3 soon!*hint! That print would look great in my den:)
Pic below from my last trip to Portugal.

(print via madebygirl, check out Jen's other fabulous print & cards)


  1. great post! i like it!
    supportin& following!

  2. Hi Monica,

    Oh Yummy, thanks for mentioning made by girl. :) We'll include you in an upcoming thank you post! OXOX

  3. yay on the 3 yrs and yum to lattes and latin boys lol

  4. Seriously, don't go to coffee with Monica, she will take pictures of it right at the restaurant table, so embarrassing! ;-)

    Great hanging out with you yesterday - let's do it again soon!

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. LOL! I told you I love coffee (let me re-phrase Lattes, big different). And I'm off to my local cafe for my morning latte. Yes, I get up this late. My schedule is completely different than anyone else's due to my job:)

  6. ohhhh I heart blogs and coffee as well:D :D
    Happy Thanksgiving week!

  7. Congrats, hun! 3 years is a looong time in blogging world! Props ;)


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