November 20, 2010

Cleaning House {blog clean-up}

Trying to cleanup a bit around the blog, specifically my Link Amour list. It was just getting too long and my daily blog reads are followed using Google Friend and/or by email subscription. I have kept the blogs on my list where a mutual understanding of exchange was specified. If your blog has been deleted and an exchange was understood I will add it again. Just an overlook! In the upcoming weeks will be tweeking a few other widgets (as I was playing around today & wasn't satisfied with the overall look) and decided not to get a blog makeover today.
If there are any suggestions as which widgets to get rid of or add please let me know! Thank You! Merci!
(image: photographer-Emir Eralp,


  1. I see I am still there. ;)
    Thanks for following! Have a good weekend! I have you on blog roll as well.

  2. Thanks Justine!
    The blog list just gets too long & I never actually use it myself because the Google Friend Finder updates when bloggers post. Only sucks if you like wordpress blogs, in that case I use bloglovin:)
    Have a great weekend too!


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