November 20, 2010

Want to bang? {hairstyles}

You would think that a hairstyle with bangs could be so simple. However, in the past I've found that few hairstylists could cut my bangs properly. Either too thin of a fringe or too thick. Example is the pic on the left, the sides were cut too deep into the side and cut with a curve (think rainbow).

Who has bangs and how do you style them?

(image via
I love bangs! But bangs also mean an extra step in the morning, as I have a cowlick a little taming is necessary. But bangs look so hot, no?  To bang or not to bang, that is the question...
(image via photographer: Terry Richardson)


  1. I also wanted to have a bangs but its curly and difficult to manage. So I never shorten it again.

  2. I have those 'Yay Bangs!' times before I'm going to get my hair done. I leave looking cute with some side swept fringe that I can sometimes replicate with work. Some mornings I wake up and more often then not it's an 'OOh look, a bobby pin' kinda day. Bangs/ longer layers cut right around my cheekbone to jaw line work best for my crazy hair. It's all different kinds of curly and thick as well. :P


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