December 14, 2010

Who is Barry M? {Barry M Cosmetics}

Who is Barry M? Barry Mero is the creator of a U.K cosmetics line, Barry M Cosmetics. Created in 1982, Barry M was created due to the lack of vivid colour cosmetics, it is currently one of the U.K's leading affordable cosmetics in the market. There are countless Barry M reviews and tutorials on youtube, that's how I discovered Barry M Cosmetics. Having travelled numerous times to London, Barry M is always on my radar, the star products in their range are the Dazzledusts (pigments),  lipglosses, and nailpolishes. Unfortunately, Barry M Cosmetics are not sold on my side of the pond yet. Join Get Barry M into Canada facebook page if your interested in having this affordable cosmetics line come to Canada.
Have you tried Barry M Cosmetics? Opinions are welcomed...

(images: top & bottom pic via BarryM, all others beautyparler,ca property)


  1. Barry M are the best! Particularly the nail paint - not just for the fabulous range of shades but they also go on beautifully, stay on long and remove cleanly.
    I'm mostly British but live in Spain and we can't get Barry M here either, so when I visit England I always have a stocking up session at the Barry M stand. I don't know of any other brand producing that kind of quality for that kind of price.

  2. a UK buddy was so kind to send me some Barry M nail polish! it's gorgeous and great :D heavily pigmented and nice

  3. i desperately want to try some barry m products! i hope they make it available in canadian drugstores :)

  4. I've never heard of this line- but I love it! Gorgeous colors xoxo

  5. Never heard of this line of makeup. Where is it available?

    V. Blink


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