December 14, 2010

Wings of Poetry {SWAROVSKI S/S 2011}

A collection of nature; butterflies, rainbows, flowers, lush landscapes are just a few influences in the SWAROVSKI's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection appropriately called Wings of Poetry. Every season SWAROVSKI surpasses my expectations, this collection is exceptionally feminine and pretty. How pretty is the Noisette ring above?  Beautiful craftsmanship and use of colour, in love with that ring. Here are a few favourite pieces and there were many to choose from. This is just a sample or else I'd be posting the collection in its entirety. And what I also love about SWAROVSKI is the variety of price points to fit any budget. 

Do you own any SWAROVSKI pieces?

(images courtesy of SWAROVSKI)


  1. I dont own any but i always walk by and drool

  2. i am obsessed with swarovski jewelry!! My daddy bought me three pieces, two for graduation and one for christmas and they find themselves on my fingers and around my neck all of the time and I get so many compliments.

    I want to add new pieces from this collection because I adore butterflies and spring looking beautiful jewelry. can't wait to have some more!

  3. Definitely drooling as well! I love the cuffs! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

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