January 25, 2011

Brush your...skin! {Clarisonic Skincare Brush review}

What I'm going to write next might just change the way you view skincare and perhaps shut down my beauty review section...why? basically after you use the Clarisonic skincare brush there isn't a need to use alot of skincare products. But no worries a skincare junkie is always a junkie and I'll always find new products to try. However, if you can't afford to be buy new products or atleast an array of products the Clarisonic skincare brush will replace most of your skincare products and tools. Its quite basic actually;
-its a deep cleansing skincare brush that gently cleanses your skin
-micro-messages your skin while gently exfoliating
-products are better absorbed into skin
This chargeable brush glides over your skin, no need to press down as the brush does all the work & a beep reminds you to switch to other areas of the face. This is what my kit came with:
• Clarisonic Brush and Charger
• Sensitive Brush Head
• 3 x Travel size Cleansers (Nourishing Care Cleanser 30ml, Gentle Hydro Cleanser 30ml, Refreshing Gel Cleanser 30ml)
• Bonuses: Full Size 177 ml Gentle Hydro Cleanser, Cosmetic Case, Normal Skin Brush Head, Delicate Skin Brush Head
I've been using the delicate skin brush head nightly as I don't feel the need to cleanse so throughly in the morning. Also, you can use any of your favourite cleansers. This review doesn't include the Clarisonic cleansers as I'm in the process of finishing other cleansers. It will set you back a few dollars but well worth the investment. My skin feels smoother, pores are reduced (especially on my t-zone), blackheads are almost all gone, and skin tone is more even. In love with my Clarisonic brush! Lastly, I don't travel with my brush as its a bit bulky, there is a smaller version called the Clarisonic Mia, but I actually like the little break when I travel from using my brush (yes its gentle enough to use daily) but I feel like your skin doesn't need a deep cleansing everyday. A big thank you to Joy from Makeup Junkie as I won her giveaway sponsored by the Shopping Channel...a thank you to them too as I also received a gift card.
Anyone else use the Clarisonic brush? 


  1. I have the Mia, it's changed my skin! Love love love it!!

  2. I bought my clarisonic in January 2009. I've gone from using it every night to only using it after wearing make-up (2-3 times a week).

    I think it is good for thorough cleaning - but I no longer think it's a miracle product. I don't know how good it is at exfoliating - and I think sometimes skin is better when it's not over stimulated.

    Still - I'm not giving my clarisonic any time soon... it lets me get away with using a gentler cleaning product (Ceptaphil).

  3. Thanks for the review...been wondering how well they work!


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