January 28, 2011

a girl could dream, right?


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Its somebody's birthday tomorrow....although my wishlist looks small it comes with a hefty price tag. The camera has been on my wishlist for about two years now. Basically, waiting till my little camera dies before I can justify spending alot of moola on a new fancy camera that will probably take me two years to learn how to use anyway. I've been really wanting to try the MAC face &  body foundation, but seriously how many foundations do I need...zero, zilch, nada. I need my fix! Ahhh! Those Christian Louboutin heels...my dream bridal shoes. I've heard that Louboutin's are actually uncomfortable (atleast that's what I'll believe so I secretly try not to want them). And the little house....no I don't want a doll house, as most of you know not only am I planning a wedding (check out bonitabride.blogspot.com) but I'm also looking for a place to live. Cha!Ching! yeah I know...donations are now being accepted. Kidding!
Have a great weekend!!
Hoping to post again before the weekend is over....



  1. a dslr is on my bday wishlist, too!

    best of luck on the house hunt :)

  2. Thanks! Its a bit tough as I don't want to leave the city...not really a suburb gal:-)

  3. I hope some of your birthday wishes come true, it's always nice to dream :0 By the way, my prize from your giveaway came today..I'll be doing a post on it this weekend!

  4. Those shoes are also on my wedding outfit (wish) list :) Happy (early)birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday lovely! I hope you get all you've ever wished for! Good luck house hunting and who cares if Louboutins hurt - they are spectacular! lol

  6. oh louboutins... a girl can dream indeed! happy belated bday! :)

  7. LOL, I thought you wanted a doll house ... #fail.

    Love the Louboutins; I'd be scared to wear them even if I had them, though.


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