January 13, 2011

ELLIS FAAS-tastic {ELLIS FAAS makeup}

make up not war belt, ellisfaas.com
If you really know your makeup than you have most likely heard of ELLIS FAAS, if not, your not as makeup savvy as I thought. Ellis Faas is a makeup artist and has her own brand appropriately called ELLIS FAAS. The makeup is professional, sleek, and the concept very different. Keep reading because rumor is ELLIS FAAS cosmetics might be coming to Canada. I'll keep you updated...
The first time I saw ELLIS FAAS cosmetics I was intrigued by the sleek bullet-pen shaped packaging, all the makeup in this line comes in its signature style. And its meant to fit in a sleek holder by sliding each pen in a compartment. Luckily, I received the Winter Glow Set (I admit I squealed like a little girl on Christmas morning) I've been wanting to try this line for a long time. In the set:
- Creamy Lips “Ellis Red” L101
- Ellis Eyes Light E305 
- Black Mascara E401

Three of their best sellers! 
ELLIS FAAS Creamy lips in L101 is truly creamy, its also a stain lipgloss so I suggest a lip pencil because
(1) its a dark red (a dupe for Revlon's oldie Toast of New York)
(2) once it fades looks like you've been drinking kool-aid & forgot to wipe your lips
A pencil will prevent it from bleeding! I would love to try a lighter shade:
Milky formula in shade L207 or Creamy lip in L108 as either shade would look amazing for bridal makeup.
Ellis Eyes Light in shade E305;
Forget about a primer this liquid eyeshadow dries to a creamy/powder, no smudging, and crease-resistance. Also, works perfectly as a liner along the lash line. The favourite of the three products. Easy to apply!
Ellis Black Mascara in E401;
I liked that lashes were seperated and lengthened. CONS: when putting the brush back in the container it was as if the hole wasn't large enough so product would come off. I've also mentioned that when it comes to mascara I'm not fond of high-end due to price. So, although I liked the finish on my lashes I'd have to pass on this in the future.
Another must from this line (atleast reviews I've read) are that the foundations & concealers are phenomenal. Hopefully, ELLIS FAAS crosses the pond soon because I'd love to play around with this innovative line.
For more information or to shop visit ELLISFAAS
Have you tried ELLIS FAAS makeup?


  1. I have heard great things about their concealer too, it might be worth the splurge if they ever do come to Canada!

  2. So lovely! I've been wanting to try this line since I've heard about it! Fingers crossed they come to Canada - do keep us posted!


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