January 12, 2011

Shake It, Foam It, Love it {Clairol Nice'n Easy Blend Foam}

Last time I dyed my hair from a box was....can't even remember but I must've been in my late teens and that was a very long time ago. I could never get the color even, my hair always turned splotchy, so I won't lie with a little help I applied Clairol's new Nice'n Easy Color Blend Foam. Yes, I needed a bit of help. I actually realized I could've done it on my own but I only came to that conclusion after all was done. My highlights had turned a brassy/greenish/blonde. I was embarrassed by the dark roots and my 6 year old niece asked why I had yellow stripes in my hair...Oh dear! Rewind back to December when I attended a Clairol event in Toronto at Hair on the Avenue.
Shake it, Foam it, Love it Demonstration on the model
I was sworn to secrecy about this new Clairol Nice'n Easy Color Blend Foam, thus the month later post. Plus, only this week did I have time off to dye my hair...this blogging gig can get busy. 
About the product:
What's this foam dye all about? Its a permanent foam hair dye that changes the way you dye your hair. Why? Its super easy, no drip, no messy applicator and easy to apply. And, its not expensive dying your hair at home. There are 18 shades and will be available February 2011. I used shade 5G in Medium Golden Brown, as you can see in the after looks like there's a bit of a red tint, a chestnut shade. Really like it for the Winter season. In the before pic my highlights actually look way better than I explained earlier as that pic was taken a couple months ago.
Do you dye your hair at home? Easy/hard to do? share...


  1. Love the new rich colour - was your profile pic taken after this dye job - you look very pretty in it!

    I have used a home-dye to get rid of my highlights - it was really effective and easy to do - can't believe I'd paid a salon £60 to do it for me the previous time! However - since I have dark brownish black hair - I can't change my colour with dye unless I go to a salon (no "lifting" at home with peroxide for me - too risky!)

  2. THanks for the compliment, it was a picture taken earlier last year before highlights (my natural color).
    Hair styling can be costly & I find in the UK especially its very expensive.

  3. I love the after color!

    I'm a new follower found your blog when I googled Philips Epilator.



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