February 19, 2011

around the World {beauty products}

For those that have been following my blog for some time know that I pick up alot of beauty products from my travels. For those that have recently started following my blog, which by the way thank you, reason for all these travels is due to my job as a flight attendant. Fortunately, my job allows me the luxury of discovering new products that either can't  be found in North America or are way too expensive to ship. Trust me there are alot more products that I love, not just these items. There are such interesting products across the globe, let me know which products you love to buy from far away places! 
So, the box Iberia Protect & to the left of that:
Iberia Protect are from Spain & are laundry sheets that are used in the wash cycle to prevent coloured clothes from bleeding. Also, available in a version to keep clothes white. To the left of it is the German version.
Dove Cream Oil-yes its available in North America but its not the same scent. Trust me on this one, it should be a universal product but there's a difference in scent. Dunno why! 
Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo/conditioner-can't rave about Japanese haircare products enough. Love the gold & red version, not so much their white line. If you search my blog you'l find a couple reviews. 
Fisiogel Liquid Facial Soap-gentle facial cleanser that doesn't strip skin. Found this in Brazil.
Fasio lipstick-another Japanese brand. Nice, creamy, sheer lipstick.
Vaseline Rosy Lips-not available in North America (atleast I haven't seen it). You can find other versions anywhere in the U.K
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream-look for my review in my search widget! Korean brand, actually purchased this off ebay, much cheaper than the Missha store in Hong Kong. 
FANCL-a must have Japanese skincare product. A powdered facial soap that is very gentle. This is a must for a carry-on bag.
Illamasqua-finally available at Sephora, purchased in the U.K. Really good quality cosmetics.
Puresa-paper sheet masks, a travellers dream product to hydrate skin.
Risque-super inexpensive nailpolish from Brazil.
Artdeco Cosmetics-from Germany, a few hidden treasures in this cosmetics line. That's an eyeshadow primer, not the best primer I've used but not the worst.
Heno de Pravia-from Spain, used to be available in Canada but discontinued. Such a shame as I love that scent in any of their bath products.
Loewe Aire perfume-from Spain but available in Europe, Latin America, & Asia. Nice scent for Spring/Summer.
Paul & Joe-can be found at boutique style beauty stores. This was purchased in Hong Kong.
So there you have a run down of a few products I like to grab on my travels!


  1. Lucky girl, I am curious about the prices of these products...just for comparison. I have heard great things about the P2 line from Germany, especially the lipsticks & lip liners. Also the Sleek palettes and Liz Earle skin care from the UK.

  2. Liz Earle (there's a review on here) on the Polish Cleanser, good! And Sleek is not bad too for drugstore.

  3. Wow, what a unique collection of beauty products! Have you been staying on top of beauty in the past 100 years?

  4. Well Fashionism I would like to think that I know far too much about beauty products than I need too LOL!


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