February 16, 2011

left over products? {alternative uses}

left over beauty care

Admit it, we all have too many beauty/personal care products lying around...impulse shopping will do that. What to do with these products that didn't meet your expectations. Obvious choices are give them to a younger family member to experiment with or try to use them in an alternative method.
A few are obvious:
-lipstick shades that aren't exactly flattering can make great cream blushes
-face creams as hand cream
-clear nailpolish to stop pantyhose run
-colour nailpolish to fix furniture chips/scratches, shoe scratches
Maybe the not so obvious:
-hair shampoo that just didn't suit your hair as hand soap (I do that all the time & my friends always ask where I buy my great smelling hand soap...)
-hair conditioner as shaving cream (I know shampoo & soap work too but the conditioner is much more moisturizing, obviously)
-hand cream to tame flyaways or smooth a ponytail (do this all the time at work as I always have hand cream)
-face cleansing wipes (the pre-moistened ones) that don't work to remove all your makeup are great bathroom counter wipes
-the Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets (or any other brand) after use such a shame to throw out such a thick sheet so makes a great dust wipe, wash counters, cleaning in general
-Swap! Haven't done this in ages but in the past I swapped quite a few products on makeupalley, but beware there are swap lifters and only swap makeup that can be easily sanitized
I know I'm forgetting an alternative! Anyhow if you know of any not-so-obvious alternatives would love to read about it!
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  1. I use up face creams on my hands ALL the time LOL!

    Trying to think of some other things I do (I hate to throw things away!)

    -I've also been using up face serums on my hand (they irritate my skin, but maybe they'll work magic on my hands LOL!)

    -lip gloss as cuticle cream (when I'm on the go)

    -layering nailpolishes I don't like on their own

    -perfume as air freshener

    That's all I can think of for now!

  2. Great ideas :)
    What is a laundry sheet?

  3. Thanks Ella!
    LissK-laundry sheets (the Purex brand) is a 3-in-1 sheet that replaces your liquid/powder laundry detergent, replaces your fabric softener, and you can also throw it in the dryer. I use it seldom but its good for lengthy travel.

  4. Great post & I'm going to fill my soap dispenser with some left over shampoo this weekend :) I use laundry sheets in the base of trash cans (under the bag) & laundry hampers, to keep them smelling fresh!

  5. Interesting! Thanks for these tips!

  6. Great, great post! I really hate to waste anything, so finding alternative uses for things that aren't quite working are always great ways to get the most for your money!
    I have one:
    Gel/cream liners that have dried up too much to use as eyeliner still make great color bases for under shadows! :)

  7. Oh my goodness, shampoo as hand soap is a genius idea! I never would have thought of that, and so many things on this list. I'll definitely be trying them out!

  8. Great tips! Its so true, I have a lot of stuff like this that didn't work out and is now sitting in my washroom cabinet. I really like the conditioner as shaving cream, I've tried it before and it really works well maybe even better than actual shaving cream!


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