March 08, 2011

add a serum! {Yves Rocher, Mary Kay, In & Out}

How do you use serum? Me, two ways; either as a moisturizer in humid weather or under my usual moisturizer in cold/dry weather. My favourite serums are formulas that are milky and/or creamy gel-like lotions. I dislike straight gel-like clear fluids as I find that they feel tacky on my combination skin however those with oily skin will benefit from that type of formula as they feel light. Thus, I have three options here to show you;
 In&Out Different Beauty: Phenomenal Anti-Age day and night serum-this serum isn't cheap so read on. First, the ingredients list which I decided to copy & paste because quite frankly couldn't write it better.
- The exclusive Anti-Age IN&OUT complex made of vitamins and ingredients - restores moisture and elasticity to the skin.- The exclusive IN&OUT Anti-Aging Essential Oils comprised of Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage and Chamomile - This unique blend of oils delivers vital moisture and comfort the skin while promoting cell regeneration.
Vitamins A & E - Antioxidants that help to slow the visible signs of aging.
Wheat Germ Extract, Carrot Seed Oil, Superoxide Dismutase - Natural botanicals that calm and moisturize the skin in-depth.
Artemia Salina Extract - using biotechnology, an ingredient extracted from sea plankton that stimulates the synthesis of keratin and collagen and protects the skin against environmental stress and UV-B.
Palmitoyl Pentapeptide - This non-toxic peptide complex helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin for firmer skin.
My thoughts: in all honestly I wasn't that impressed with this serum for one reason. Just didn't like the feel of the product, felt tacky and for that reason couldn't review it properly. With that I also want to be fair by stating that this product (as mentioned before) would definitely work well on oily skin simply for the fact that this is a clear gel-like formula. How do I know this because when I was in my teens I had oily skin & loved the feel of these type of formulas. Also add that I am mentioning this product as the ingredient list looks impressive & usually anti-aging products tend to be thick & moisturizing so for those that are in the oily skin category would love to hear your thoughts.
Mary Kay TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C-ok I'm a big fan of Mary Kay products! I've raved about this serum with vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) before & a proper review was due. Why vitamin C? Its an antioxidant, acts as a defense against free-radicals and promotes the formation of collagen. Packaging of vitamin C in skincare products is vital because if not packaged properly it can break down its effectiveness. This Mary Kay product comes in an air-tight opague vial with a pump-type dispenser (don't bother with vitamin C products that come in jar-like or clear containers). Also, love the feel of this milky lotion leaves skin glowy.  Been using this for over a year, which means its a HG (holy grail) product.
Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9-is an intensive power packed paraben-free serum made with 7 plant extracts and 9 anti-aging patents. Can be used on a daily basis or as a one-month treatment (which is how I use it). Comes in a dropper-style bottle and one milky drop is all you need. For further info click on the link placed in the product title. I'm not going to say this little bottle is the fountain of youth but I will add that my skin looks smoother and hydrated when combined with a regular moisturizer. Look for it when its on sale as it's a great addition to your skincare routine. 
I think its important for women to realize that no matter what products promise there is no stopping us from getting older, wrinkles will form. However, proper skincare and using SPF products over serums will aid in achieving the best skin for you. 
Do you use a serum? 


  1. I really like MK skin care too. I use the night and day timewise set everyday! Other MK sproducts are also my goto when my skin starts to act up. I haven't tried this yet!

    And I just found out about your engagement! Congrats and I'm so happy to started a wedding planning blog =) Keep it up!!

  2. Thank you!
    Yeah Mary Kay has really nice products, only downfall most of my faves are limited-editions:(

  3. Love this serum! No parabens, all botanical ingredients and feels amazing on your skin!

  4. I've been struggling to find a serum that doesn't make me break out. I react so easily to products, it's always a challenge. I find them very effective though and they are definitely worth the extra step.

  5. I should have found this post last week when i was on the hunt for my first serum.
    After a lot of research I decided to go with Paula Choice's Resist Serum. I only got it yesterday so I can't really give you much feedback yet.
    But yes I do use a :)

  6. Hi Bini,
    Paula's Choice makes good products. Love her cleanser & BHA toners so I'm sure the serum is a good formulation. Let me know:)


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