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Simply Flawless {Spring 2011 Makeup trends-part2}

I have a confession to make...I normally don't wear alot of makeup! Yup, that's right. Perhaps you assumed a beauty blogger loves to wear lots of makeup but nope not moi. Oddly enough I favour a clean, fresh, no-makeup look, flawless skin is achieved by application technique and not masking flaws. If you notice in the images, skin is the standout feature. For me, the perfect foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush and mascara are my go-to products. Forget eyeshadow, I rarely apply it. Could be because no matter which eye primer I use eyeshadow slides right off so I don't bother using it except for special occasions. What is your everyday look?
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Balmain Spring RTW 2011
Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
Anna Sui Spring RTW 2011
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Calvin Klein Colection Spring RTW 2011
Photo: Luca Cannonieri /
Versace RTW Spring 2011
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  1. The "no-makeup makeup look" is an everyday for me but on a special occasion I like to have fun with makeup :) Blush, mascara, tinted balm and concealer are an everyday essential for me!

  2. Love the glowy highlighted skin in the pics.

    I like using make-up as enhancement - so I prefer natural looking make-up - blusher, highlight, MLBB lip colour - and super thick lashes (mascara and gel liner on the lash line)

    I hardly ever like the look of colourful eyeshadow on me - but I think it looks awesome on others.

  3. I like the no makeup makeup look too, but it's amazing how much makeup that can take to achieve sometimes :)

  4. I do my make-up differently. I enjoy natural-looking and dramatic looks.

    Does the Urban Decay Primer Potion not work for you?

  5. The UD does help my eyeshadow stay on longer (as do other primers) but just adds about an extra hours or two. Still melts off:(


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