April 06, 2011

Bridal Beauty {Must Haves}

Brides-to-be or those that are looking for camera perfect makeup, visit Bonita Bride for the exclusive interview with makeup artist, Joy David-Tilberg. Lots of other fabulous product suggestions!


  1. great post!

    Im getting married soon and have decided to do my own makeup. Ive decided on Makeup Forever HD foundation, cream blush and concealer cause Im so paraniod about getting 'white face' in my photos! the primer potion is def in my make up bag. :)

  2. NicolaAMT-Wow your brave! I was going to do my own too but decided to get a MUA, I just want to relax that day & get pampered:)

  3. I second the use of Urban Decay primer potion on the big day, or any day. I'm wearing it today, actually! No other primer comes close. :)

  4. Great tip and link! Brides need all the advice they can get to make their big day go just right. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look flawless? The right make up is key! The camera doesn’t lie.


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