April 05, 2011

March Beauty Favourites

Lush Colour Supplement
I blogged about these tinted bases last year. I've been playing around with the Light Pink shade this time around as I looking pale & find the pink counteracts my paleness. These LUSH colour supplements can apply sheer to medium coverage, I like using them as a sheer to light base.

AVEENO® SMART ESSENTIALS™ Nighttime Moisture Infusion
This was a fail product for me. Picked this up in the U.S as my skin was feeling dehydrated and wanted more moisture. This cream is definitely for dry skin, but really dry! Found it too moisturizing and actually irritated my skin, broke out in little skincolour bumps.

WEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner
If you haven't heard of CO hairwashing click this thread here (no affliation with that site, just been visiting there forever). Basically, washing your hair minus shampoo. Well, WEN's shampoos makes the process easy. I've tried with other brands & found my hair still felt dirty but not the case with the WEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner. Not using this every time I shampoo as I'm still fiddling around with the CO method. This leaves your hair clean and looking healthy.

M.A.C. Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15
Got my hands on a full-size sample (thanks to my MAC pimp, your the best) the shade is Medium Plus. If I was to purchase, I'd get the medium shade as I found the Medium Plus too peachy. However, still managed to make it work because its sheer enough to add just enough tint. In my case, a bit of colour as I was having a pale month.

AG Therapy Control Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
With the seasons changing my skin and scalp were acting up this past March. Yes, flakes! Happens...Love the smell of this Pepto Bismol coloured shampoo (doesn't smell clinical) and leaves scalp clean without stripping your hair.

MaryKayTimeWise Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation
Can't rave about this foundation enough! Read my review here. This time got my colour right, I could go either with the Ivory 5 or 4. I never thought I'd be categorized as an ivory shade but works for me. Lovely elegant finish!

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
Back in November I raved about my Clarisonic but I realize its not affordable for everyone. Thus, Olay has released a cleansing brush and have to admit this is pretty good! Smaller, uses 2 AA battery so travel-friendly, and works well.

Lets me digress...March, weather wise has been crappy! Sunny, snowy, windy, rainy and repeat! My skin looked like crap...I looked pale ( bronzer didn't help) and tired. Yes, the makeup helps but I don't want to use makeup to camouflage I like to use it to enhance. So, there you have it I might think I know it all when it comes to makeup and skincare but doesn't mean I always look or feel my best. Vacation anyone?
What was everyone's March beauty favourites? 



  1. Nice faves!
    Where can you get WEN in Canada? I've always wanted to try it!
    And, how's the wear time on the LUSH colour supplement?

  2. Hi Tracy,
    WEN only online,
    or amazon. I believe the Shopping Channel had it a while back.
    LUSH-wear time is good but I do notice towards the end of the day will fade so setting powder would work well.
    Hope that helps:-)

  3. great picks! i didn't know olay made a "clarisonic dupe!" i'll definitely have to keep an eye out for this :)

  4. i will try lush colour supplement , nice post and nice blog .

  5. I'm going to have to go check out that Lush color supplement, you're only the 2nd person I've heard mention it but now I'm intrigued :)

  6. Im thinking about Olay. I think I will buy it soon:)

  7. Great post! Love the LUSH review. I was looking at this product a while back and am now definitely going to pick some up


  8. I've been wondering about those Colour Supplements. Now I just need to get into the store and try them out!


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