April 29, 2011

Confessions of a Flight Attendant {London-travel}

By now most of you have watched clips of the Royal Wedding. I caught a few clips between mini-breaks at work but what I really wanted to see was the dress!! Anyhow, I'll be posting my faves and a recap later tonight. Last week I was in London with work and filmed a clip about my daily routine, where I go to have my usual latte, Boots pharmacy and just my little street where I like to unwind after/before a flight. The street is St. John's Wood High Street (click on this link to check out the shops), its within walking distance from where I stay, its away from all the chaos thus my little relaxing oasis. Its an area that alot of nannies like to go for walks with strollers, lots of Americans (and I don't think tourists either, must live in the area) and just the right shops including my favourite second-hand store Wellingtons (amazing designer handbags to be found).

Right after I filmed this clip, three pre-teen American girls walked by me (wish I had snapped a picture), they were the exact mini versions of Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda from Sex and the City. They couldn't have been older than 12, wearing heels and designer outfits. And they had the New York accent too!
Enjoy the clip! Maybe I should start a travel series?


  1. this street looks lovely! i want to go to london so badly :)

  2. Such a fun little video! I've never been to anywhere in Europe ( I know so sad!) so I will live vicariously through you! Your job is the perfect platform for starting a travel blog! Oh geez - another one to add to the list! lol

  3. I have the travel blog, template & header but I never went live with it. Was going to make it more of a photo blog but that's on a long wait list. As I don't want people stealing my travel pics :-)

  4. Cute video - when I was working in London at a bank, my American boss lived in St Johns Wood - so I guess it is a popular expat neighbourhood.


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