April 26, 2011

Happy Days {London haul}

Hope everyone had a well rested Easter long weekend. Although mine wasn't a well-rested long weekend it was fabulous. Was in London twice within the last week (due to work), did a little shopping, had a private appointment with bridal shoe designer Aruna Seth's associate and got to meet Helena from A Diary of Lovely. All while I was jet-lagged and lost in London...I'm pretty good with a map but sometimes a little help is needed and in my case following the concierge's directions didn't quite work out. Next time sticking to google map. I'm a little upset with my cell phone as I had recorded a video while in London that I think you all would enjoy but I've tried everything to download it onto my computer but just can't, so I've given up. So, a picture will sum up my little beauty shopping haul from Superdrug.
Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara
Bourjois Blush Pot in Rose Frisson
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in Light/Medium (have not seen this in North America within the Revlon range, have seen it as a promo with the Photo Ready foundation)
Bourjois 3D MAX lipgloss in #61
Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation in shade #72 Rose Clair
Have any of your tried any of the listed makeup above? Do write your opinion.
And, how was your weekend?
On a side-note, I will try within the next few days to get that video up.


  1. I love the Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect-it's great!

  2. Lucky girl, I hear it was hot in London. I don't know if you're familiar with Wayne Goss' youtube channel but he is a professional make up artist & gives some great recommendations for drug store products, that are mostly available in the UK. Just as a thought for your next trip :)

  3. ooh, lucky you got some bourjois!

    have you seen how they're priced here in canada? it's pretty much on par with mac products, which makes me not want to buy them =/.

  4. Tracy-I've heard great things about Bourjois fndns in general. So far I find the 10 hr Sleep effect a little too sheer. But no full review yet!
    Tracy D-yes, I follow Wayne (love his honesty). Actually these were all Lisa Eldridge's recs (amazing makeup artist)
    Dani-yes, expensive here that's why I pick up Bourjois in London:)

  5. I've tried the boujois thing (sp?) it's blusher right? It's really nice and just reminds me of how much i loved that brand, i must invest in it some more, i especially used to love their lip gloss

  6. Lola-yes, a blusher. Just checked out Bourjois here in Canada & can't believe the price difference.


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