April 12, 2011

Spring clean your pores {Olay Advanced Cleansing System}

The weather here in Toronto is finally cooperating. Sun is out which means I'll be spending more time at the patios with a chilled drink in hand and the last thing I want are my pores in full view. Time to clean out those suckers! Earlier this year I raved about the Clarisonic Skincare Brush, fact is not everyone could afford it so a great alternative for around $30 CDN is the Olay Advanced Cleansing System. In the kit you get;

Olay Professional Pro-X Two-Speed Facial Cleansing Brush
o Lightweight handheld two-speed, rotating brush that delivers daily deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser (20 mL)
o Fragrance-free lathering microbead formula designed to purify and renew skin’s texture for refreshed, smooth skin One replaceable brush head attachment Two AA batteries
Its smaller than the Clarisonic but what I love about it is its so portable and easy to travel with. As you don't have to charge it (uses two AA batteries) you can take anywhere in the world and no need for an adapter.
The idea of the brush system is to prime your skin, by removing your makeup and other impurities properly your skin is capable of absorbing skincare products afterwards. Basically, a gentle exfoliation process. I actually just use either of my brushes a couple times a week as you don't want to over exfoliate either. Find the system that works best for you as all our skins tolerance is different. The Olay brush version is a great affordable price!
Do you change your skincare routine every season?
(image: Olay)


  1. this is identical to the DDF Revolver, which is a 400x deep cleaner, the price is $95 for it, and after a year of using it, i decided (after seeing the Olay version) that i'd give it a try, because it looks very similar but a huge price difference.

  2. Fab review!
    I need this brush!



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