May 05, 2011

Eva Mendes & Naomi Watts have nice hair {Pantene's new celebrity ambassadors}

Pantene is one of those brands that makes its way into my hair routine on & off throughout the years. Two new hair celebrity ambassadors have been chosen to represent Pantene. Eve Mendes will be supporting the Breakage to Strength Collection while Naomi Watts will be supporting the Flat to Volume Collection.
Love that both of these actresses were used as both have distinctly different hair types, while my hair is similar to Mendes others will relate to Watts as well. Mendes explains:
“The amount of torture I put my hair through with flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons leaves my hair extremely damaged,” said Mendes. “With Pantene I can use all of these tools and still keep my hair healthy looking,” she continued. “It’s amazing to be working with a brand like Pantene that is so honest; there were no tricks on the set of the photo shoot. Each look was natural and never manipulated and my hair looked healthy and beautiful for every shot. Pantene products truly live up to what they promise.” 

Watts explains:
“I am excited to join the Pantene family. I want to let women with fine hair know that achieving beautiful, voluminous hair is possible without damaging your hair or adding extensions,” said Watts. “I am truly blown away by the research and science that goes into making Pantene. No matter what your hair type is, you can find a Pantene product that will give you the result you are looking for.”   

Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts Announced as New Celebrity Ambassadors for Pantene

Both actresses were a great choice, both have great style and hair! Whenever I get highlights I mention, "give me Eva Mendes colour". What do you think of Pantene's new celebrity ambassadors?
(images property of pantene)


  1. Wow Naomi Watts looks gorgeous.

    By the way--have you heard that my 1st novel is being released on tomorrow?! Check it out on my blog! Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo honey! Kori xoxo

  2. I saw something on twitter, but going to look into it now:) CONGRATS!!

  3. eva mendes- i have a girl crush on her! lol. seriously she is gorgeous.

  4. They're fabulous! About time! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx


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