May 09, 2011

Favourite Facial Cleansers {just in time for Summer}

favourite cleansers

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With seasonal changes comes seasonal skincare tweaking. Since, my skin tends to get oiler in the Summer I like to change it up. Here are a few of my favourite facial cleansers, I've listed the ones I like for different skin types although most work for any. What all these have in common is that none over dry your skin.
Olay Professional Pro-X Restorative Cream Cleanser
Great cleanser for any skin type, don't let the Cream Cleanser title fool you into think its a milk lotion that's the wipe off type. Its a milky cleanser that suds-up, removes makeup well.

Dermalogica - Special Cleansing Gel
Been using the lavender scented gel cleanser for years (on & off). Higher price point but will last you more than 6 months. A gentle cleanser that removes makeup. Good for combo to oilier skintypes.

Nivea visage oxygen power reviving cleansing gel Normal/ Combination.
Haven't seen this gel cleanser in North America yet. Great gentle cleanser for combo to oilier skin types, foams nicely and removes makeup. Depending on eye makeup might need a seperate makeup remover for stubborn mascara.
CLEAR by Paula's Choice Normalizing Cleanser
Gentle, slight foaming gel cleanser. Great for oilier & sensitive skintypes, fragrance-free.

dermaglow - Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Great foaming cleanser in a liquid format that the pump foams up. Perfect morning cleanser, not the best for removing makeup so a separate makeup remover is necessary. A gentle cleanser that's good for any skin type & performs well as my AM cleanser for this reason.

Same type of cleanser as above, good for those that are oiler.  Contains BHA so good for those with blackheads as helps unclog pores, but since your washing it off its good to combine with a BHA leave-on treatment for really stubborn blackheads.  

Olay Foaming Face Wash
Milky cleanser that foams well. Removes makeup, gentle, soap-free & fragrance-free. Good for combo to oilier skin types. Excellent price.

Yves Rocher Fatigue Cleanser
Not going to remove fatigue but will remove makeup. A nice gel cleanser that works well for combo to oilier skintypes.

Cover FX - Clean FX - Makeup Cleansing Mousse
Gentle foaming cleanser that works for any skin type. Doesn't remove all makeup, especially eye makeup. However, for sensitive types this is a great option to use after a separate makeup remover. Also, good on it own as a morning cleanser.

What are your favourite cleansers? And do you change your skincare according to season?



  1. Great post. I don't change cleansers too much since my skin is dry all year round, yay me! :)

  2. I am currently using Perricone and really like it, but usually use dove.This is a great round up to reference!
    Hope you are having a great week Monica!

  3. I've never found a cleanser I'm happier with than Cetafil! I do need less moisturizer in the summer, but I never need to change cleansers. :)

  4. This is a great post...thanks so much for the suggestions!

  5. Wow you've put a lot of effort into this.. Thank you so much.. Really great post!

    At the moment I'm using Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating wash (wrote a review on it in my blog) which is so gentle and non-drying.. Leaves my skin super smooth..

  6. My favorite one which is Neutregena is not here.But I also appreciate the Nivea visage which is good for dry skin.Good review of products,


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