May 31, 2011

Goodbye Chanel ProLumiere Foundation

Word on the beauty blogs circuit is that Chanel Prolumiere foundation is retiring. Yes, farewell! Why do cosmetic companies discontinue fabulous products to only replace them with not so fabulous products? Chanel Prolumiere is my go-to foundation for when my skin is not so fabulous. Its replacement Perfection LumiereE Long-Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup SPF10 will be in stores in October 2011. Read last year's review here!
What are your favourite beauty products that have been discontinued?
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  1. I only got this recently and love it! It's the first chanel foundation that I've ever tried, they are pricey for sure. I have read that this one has the most coverage too, so it's the one that I opt for.

  2. ooh, perhaps i should pick one up before they sell out! thank goodness i got paid today :D.

  3. Justine-it will last you forever though (well if you use like me just for those special days:). The coverage is medium to full coverage.
    Dani-do try it or else you'll never know :-) I'm such an enabler LOL!

  4. I got a sample of this foundation I just wasn't feelin it.. I might've applied it wrong coz it feel too heavy..

    Loving the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua though

  5. Ack...I despise that too!! I remember Revlon Skin Illuminating favorite inexpensive highlighter. It was discontinued soooo long ago and I've yet to find the perfect replacement

  6. Yes why do they do that? So annoying! My most recent one was the Maybelline dream mousse concealer, I fell in love just as they were announcing it was discontinued :(

  7. Now I'm curious to try this foundation out!

    For me the worst situation is when perfumes become discontinued right after you find the one that really suits you.It happened to me.... That's not cool at all!

    By the way, I just found you blog. It's awesome!


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