March 23, 2010

a flawless face {Chanel ProLumiere Professional Finish Makeup}

Flawless looking skin from a bottle? Yes its possible to fake a flawless complexion if you have the right tools. For me its Chanel Pro Lumiere Professional Finish Makeup with SPF15, this is my go to foundation for events, my not-so-great skin days, and if I know my photo is going to be taken. I don't usually recommend using a foundation with SPF for photos, as you can get that mask-like effect, however this foundation doesn't do that. Reasons why I love it? 
-oil-free formula therefore great for my combination skin type
-semi-matte finish just with the right amount of dewyness
-medium to full coverage, reason I use it just for special days (for everyday I prefer a lighter foundation) 
not really cons but reasons why it doesn't get full love points;
-shade is not an exact match, #30 Shell (very close but just a tad darker than I'd like & shade #20 is too light)
-best applied with a foundation brush (doesn't work as well for me when I use my fingers, just a personal preference)
-for long lasting finish set with a powder (not necessary but if you tend to be combination or oily &/or getting your photo taken)
Verdict= my favourite foundation, and Chanel Vitalumiere as the runner-up, the latter I only recommend for combo skin that's on the drier side or dry skin.
Price $54 US (I purchased mine at duty-free)
What is your go-to foundation for flawless looking skin? Or for special events?


  1. definately myface.cosmetics mymix foundation -it has the most gorgeous dewy finish. Although am keen to try the Chanel one for occasions when I need a little more coverage. Thanks x

  2. I am currently looking for a fantastic foundation! I will treat myself to this on my lunch today! Thank you...xx

  3. I got this recently and love it! great for dry skin and the glow is amazing.

  4. Its being discontinued!! Whaw!!


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