November 24, 2011

Mr & Mrs. First Home

If you have been following my bridal blog, Bonita Bride, you know already that last month I married my sweetie! As if wedding planning wasn't stressful enough add house hunting to the formula and well you get the idea. So, after long five months of looking in the city of Toronto the sweetie and I have found our first starter home in the suburbs. OK so its a neighbouring city to Toronto but it isn't Toronto. Which for this big city girl is a big I was recounting this story to a co-worker she summed it up perfectly, "your Miranda from Sex and the City, the episode she moved to Brooklyn!" and she was right. Yes, I'm Miranda & moving to my version of Brooklyn, Mississauga.
Look for future posts on my move to the 'burbs, with before and after pictures of the changes we will be making.
What are your favourite sites for interior design inspiration?

(image: Renaissance studios)


  1. not sure if you are looking for bedroom/diningroom/occasional pieces but if so, check out my husband's company Geovin Furniture
    their products have been featured in 'house & home' magazine, as well on 'cityline', 'breakfast television' & 'restaurant makeover'. they will be coming out with a new line in the new year. for more info you can check out their facebook page 'geovin furniture'
    happy decorating!

  2. Did you plan a lot to save up for a down payment? I know my bf and I are in quite the situation right now, renting in Toronto (I am sure that you know) is so expensive. The owner of our place is looking to sell, so we are forced to move out. We love the place (despite the price) and have to find another place now, and quickly because they are showing our place to prospective buyers. We don't have any money saved up for a house. Ugh it's just a vicious cycle.

    Congrats on your house! Mississauga is close enough to Toronto anyhow. :)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    @Nadia, yes looking for furniture all I have is a bed LOL
    @Justine, yes I saved & used my Tax-Free savings
    @Procrastinator, check out my giveaway winners hint hint


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