November 23, 2011

Emily Blunt is the new face of YSL Opium

It was the year 1977, disco music was in full effect as was feathered hair and rayon, the year I was born and also the year Yves Saint Laurent introduced the fragrance Opium. At the time the name itself, Opium, garnered much attention because of the word associations with the drug Opium. Regardless of the fragrance's name this exotic spicy blend quickly became a best seller. Fast-foward since its last ad campaign a decade ago, British actress Emily Blunt, is the new face behind the iconic Opium fragrance. Before the actual ad campaign hits world-wide on December 4th 2011 here are a few behind-the-scene images.

(images courtesy of L'Oreal)


  1. I have such a girl crush on Emily Blunt! Gorgeous AND talented! It's about time she became the face of a product :).

  2. She is such a gorgeous person!!! I'm actually glad that she's the new face of YSL....this was a good move for them


  3. She fits the image of YSL very well so I'm glad they teamed up!

  4. Total girl crush! The sweet personality and the hot brit accent, I guess, lol!

  5. opium was once used to beautify women. It is a secret that most people do not know. It smells beautiful, we need the real thing but the created is just as effective.


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