November 23, 2011

Travel Tuesday {Lisbon, Portugal}

This week's travel feature is Lisbon, Portugal. 
I have a soft spot for Portugal as that's where my parents are from and where I lived for six months back in 2006. As a child I spent my Summers in the northern region of Portugal and wasn't that familiar with Lisbon., I soon fell in love with the capital City. It is one of my favourite travel spots!
Have you been there?
Where would you like to travel next?

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  1. Hello Monica! Thank you for being one of my new blog followers! So your parets are Portuguese!?!! It's nice to have a Portuguese Girl from Toronto as a follower. see I have an older brother living in Hamilton and a sister in Ottawa. I've been in Toronto once and I'll be going sometime to show it to my son too. Take care! Ana Antunes


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