January 25, 2012

2011 Beauty Favourites

2011 Beauty Favourites

There were some very good beauty products that were put to the test in 2011 and choosing the winners was difficult but nonetheless I narrowed it down, whew!
Cleansers-basically for my combination skin type I prefer a lathering cleanser that washes off all my makeup and doesn't strip my skin. These two; Marcelle Essentials Foaming Cleansing Gel & Olay Foaming Face Wash meet my criteria. Inexpensive, no frills kinda cleansers that get the job done!
Toners-I've never been the type to find the benefit of toners perhaps it was the extra step but I do love the LUSH Tree Tea Toner especially in the hotter months when my skin becomes slighter oilier. Will have to find one that suits my drier skin type in the Winter. But this one is refreshing and not overly astringent.
Moisturizers-there are so many moisturizers on the market! And one area where I have a tough time adapting as my skin is prone to clogged pores so I tend to switch quite often. As a nighttime light moisturizer Mary Kay Timewise Restore Recover for oily skin is an awesome choice for us combination types. Light and loaded with beneficial anti-aging ingredients, great for those in their 30's (like me!). As for a tinted moisturizer Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Moisturizer is fantastic (time to re-order), great light-medium coverage leaves a dewy but not oily finish.
Lip Pencil-hands down in love with Lise Watier Crayon Gloss, its a gloss and lipstick in one in a pencil format. Easy to apply, great creamy pay-off and long-lasting.
LipGloss-moisturizing, tinted lipgloss that's slighty minty flavoured. Not available in Canada but if you can get yourself south of the border pick these up.
Eyeshadow-hands down Urban Decay Naked Palette takes the prize! This has been featured in every beauty blog across the net, in every beauty magazine and with good reason. Gorgeous colours, greatly pigmented and long lasting.

There you have it! With so many products being released, what feels like on a daily basis, choosing beauty products can be costly and difficult but hopefully I helped you narrow down a few decisions.
What were you 2011 Beauty Favourites?


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