January 26, 2012

not just a Powder Room {Interior Design}

powder room

Being that I'm in the home designing mode, here are a few thoughts & ideas on Powder Rooms. Have fun! Its the one room in your house where you can go a bit wild in terms of design. It is a small enough room for D.I.Y projects, easy to change with a coat of paint or wallpaper, and the one room where your guests will eventually end up in + its really a room just for them. While in Paris this past Summer, most older apartments had their toilets in a seperate room. Basically, their main bathrooms consisted only of a tub/shower and sink...no toilet. Odd right? This is because of the age of Paris apartments and of course older plumbing issues. Also, what I loved was the creativity put into these powder rooms. Although very small in size, most were decorated with items not typically found in North American powder rooms. Think small libraries...ok so you'll find magazines in powder rooms but shelving with books is not common as is personal framed pictures. Got me thinking! My first reaction was eww germs on books but at the same time I'd like to assume my guests are pretty clean peeps, right? Also, library books are not any cleaner.
What are your thoughts on having books and magazines in powder rooms?
Other items, large posters like the "Keep Calm..." British War posters (which I purchased at Homesense, a discount design store in Canada) or any other. Having a large vase as a toilet paper holder, great smelling soaps, candles, etc...and how about that toilet paper.
What is your idea of a great Powder Room? So maybe my ideas aren't over the top but works for me.

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