April 17, 2012

Almost...{Clinique Almost Lipsticks}

Sometimes you just don't want lips that scream, look at my lips I'm wearing lipstick!. Perhaps, your more of a lipbalm kinda gal, or you prefer the I only took 2 minutes to look this beautiful look. For me, especially when I'm at work I tend to go for the natural look. After long flights, jet-lag, and short layovers the last thing I want is to spend all my time in front of the mirror perfecting the perfect pout.
Insert Clinique Almost Lipsticks, after the success of Clinique Black Honey lipstick another seven shades have been introduced for Spring. These sheer and smooth lipsticks will suit any skintone. Highly wearable, no-fuss sheer shades, will enhance your lipcolour while keeping your pout emollient.
Available at Clinique Counters nationwide
suggested $18.00CDN


  1. Am I crazy, or did Clinique make this product, maybe with a different name, like 10 years ago? I think I remember having something like this from them, loving it, and missing it! :)

  2. Hi Camilla, Its possible! Cosmetic companies do it all the time. The original was black honey so maybe the others are a spin-off.


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